Prof. K.R.T. Soejono Prawirohadikusumo, M.D., Ph.D.

In most of the countries, health expenses are growing (8-12% gross domestic product). Economic tools, like cost-effectiveness studies, were incorporated in mental health analysis. Depression is a major mental health problem: high prevalence, high relapse rate. 70% of depressed patients are of working age, but less recognized and less managed. The direct cost of depression in the USA is $ 12.1 billion (28%). The in direct cost $ 81.8 billion (72%). The lowest cost is due to the treatment it self (antidepressants) with 8% of total costs. Antidepressant treatment is recommended to reduce the indirect cost of depression, with appropriate choice of antidepressant. Amineptine, with demonstrated efficacy, rapid onset and well tolerated profile, is recommended to solve this problem.

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