Dadang Hawari, M.D., Ph.D.

Professor of Psychiatry at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia Jakarta

God’s word as in Al Israa’ Verse 32:

Wa laa taqrobuuzzinaa innahu kaana faahisyataw wa saa-asabiila.

"Nor come nigh to adultery: For it is a shameful (deed) and an evil, opening the road (to other evils)".

What is the right, responsible, and Islamic way of preventing the contagion of AIDS? Since actually AIDS is a disease caused by human sexual behavior, the prevention should be changing the sexual behavior of men and women, directing it to a healthy, safe, and responsible set of habits, which are specified as follows :

  1. Healthy sexual behavior is that which is halal (permitted by religion); with one’s legally wedded wife, not by using condoms.
  2. Safe sexual behavior is that which is halal, that is between a legally wedded couple, not by using condoms.
  3. Responsible sexual behavior is that which is halal, that is between legally wedded partners, not by using condoms.

Therefor Muslims need not be confused and in doubt with respect to the solutions offered by the west in the campaign against AIDS. They are wrong, irresponsible, and not Islamic. The Islamic attitude is simple, clear, and direct: stop adultery, and the spread of HIV/AIDS virus will stop too!

Jl. Tebet Barat I (Perum Tebet Mas Indah E-5)

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